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All Categories > Commercial Water Heaters > NON NOx Commercial Water Heaters > State® NON NOx Commercial Water Heaters > Sandblaster® Booster Models Self-Cleaning Commercial Gas Water Heaters > Item # SBD30 199 NE  

Item # SBD30 199 NE, Sandblaster® Booster Models Self-Cleaning Commercial Gas Water Heaters

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Sandblaster ® Booster commercial gas water heaters are designed to provide high temperature water (usually 180 ºF) to commercial dishwashers. In these applications, the booster water heater is installed in conjunction with a standard water heater, which delivers lower-temperature water to serve the non-dishwashing needs of a restaurant or other foodservice application.

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Specifications  · Maximum Recovery  · Dimensions  · Features  · Testing and Certifications





32 gal

Input Power

199900 BTU/hr

First Hour Rating at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

216 gal

Gas Connection

3/4 in

Water Connection

1-1/2 in

Approximate Shipping Weight

400 lb

Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure

150 psi

Thermal Efficiency

80 %


Sandblaster® Booster Model




Liquid Propane Gas
Natural Gas

Industry Standards

AHRI Certified®
ANSI Z-21.10.3 - CSA 4.3


ASME Certified

CSA® Certified

UL® Listed

Maximum Recovery

Recovery at 40 ºF Temperature Rise

485 gal/h

Recovery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

194 gal/h

Recovery at 140 ºF Temperature Rise

139 gal/h



Dimension A

45 in

Dimension B

40 in

Dimension C

27-3/4 in

Dimension D

32-1/4 in

Dimension E

15-3/4 in

Dimension F

5 in

Dimension G

6-1/2 in

Dimension H

6 in

State Hydro Cannon™ Self-Cleaning Device
  • Significantly reduces buildup of lime, sand and other sediment in the tank.
  • Helps water heaters retain their rated efficiency longer and reduce water heating costs.
Induced-Draft Design
  • Built-in blower produces power-induced draft of makeup air prior to burner ignition, for more efficient control of heat through the flue collector.
  • Eliminates performance problems caused by negative indoor air pressure.
  • Requires no draft hood or barometric damper.
Rated as Category 1 Appliance
  • Can be commonly vented with other Category 1 appliances, using standard metal type "B" vent.
Multiple Anode Rods
  • Protect tank from corrosion.
Three Water Connection Options
  • Hot water outlet located on the top and both hot and cold water inlets are on the front of the water heater.
  • Hydro Cannon device operates when front cold water connection is used.
Intermittent Electronic Ignition
  • Provides flame failure response in less than one second.
  • Includes power ON/OFF switch.
  • Eliminates standing pilot.

Testing and Certifications
  • CSA® Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve
  • Meets the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and Current Edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1


·  Standards for Sandblaster® Booster Models Self-Cleaning Commercial Gas Water Heaters


Brochure for Sandblaster® Booster Models Self-Cleaning Commercial Gas Water Heaters
(PDF, 1439KB)