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All Categories > Commercial Water Heaters > High Efficiency NON NOx Commercial Water Heaters > State® High Efficiency NON NOx Commercial Water Heaters > Ultra Force™ Up to 96% Efficient Commercial Gas Water Heaters > Item # SUF 100 250 NE  

Item # SUF 100 250 NE, Ultra Force™ Up to 96% Efficient Commercial Gas Water Heaters

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The Ultra Force™ SUF product line is the most efficient State commercial water heater line ever built. With a storage tank of up to 130 gallons, high BTU input and up to 96% thermal efficiency, these models deliver more hot water for every energy dollar. A single Ultra Force™ unit is an ideal energy-saving choice for restaurants and other mid-sized commercial applications. Multiple Ultra Force™ water heaters can be manifolded together to meet the demands of large commercial and industrial applications.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

Specifications  · Maximum Recovery  · Dimensions  · 3" Vent Pipe  · 4" Vent Pipe  · General Information  · Features  · Other Features  · Testing and Certifications  · Warranty  · Note




Standard Type


Input Power

250000 BTU/hr

Thermal Efficiency

95 %


100 U.S. gal

Standard Approximate Shipping Weight

555 lb

ASME Approximate Shipping Weight

595 lb

Minimum Supply Natural Gas Line Size (N.P.T.)

3/4 in

Minimum Supply Propane Gas Line Size (N.P.T.)

3/4 in

Water Connection

1-1/2 in


Liquid Propane Gas
Natural Gas


Ultra Force™



Industry Standards

AHRI Certified®

ASME Certified

CSA® Certified

Energy Star

UL® Listed

Maximum Recovery

Recovery at 30 ºF Temperature Rise

960 gal/h

Recovery at 17 ºC Temperature Rise

3632 L/h

Recovery at 40 ºF Temperature Rise

720 gal/h

Recovery at 22 ºC Temperature Rise

2724 L/h

Recovery at 50 ºF Temperature Rise

576 gal/h

Recovery at 28 ºC Temperature Rise

2179 L/h

Recovery at 60 ºF Temperature Rise

480 gal/h

Recovery at 33 ºC Temperature Rise

1816 L/h

Recovery at 70 ºF Temperature Rise

411 gal/h

Recovery at 39 ºC Temperature Rise

1557 L/h

Recovery at 80 ºF Temperature Rise

360 gal/h

Recovery at 44 ºC Temperature Rise

1362 L/h

Recovery at 90 ºF Temperature Rise

320 gal/h

Recovery at 50 ºC Temperature Rise

1211 L/h

Recovery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

288 gal/h

Recovery at 56 ºC Temperature Rise

1090 L/h

Recovery at 110 ºF Temperature Rise

262 gal/h

Recovery at 61 ºC Temperature Rise

991 L/h

Recovery at 120 ºF Temperature Rise

240 gal/h

Recovery at 67 ºC Temperature Rise

908 L/h

Recovery at 130 ºF Temperature Rise

221 gal/h

Recovery at 72 ºC Temperature Rise

838 L/h

Recovery at 140 ºF Temperature Rise

206 gal/h

Recovery at 78 ºC Temperature Rise

778 L/h



Dimension A

3 in

Dimension B

27.75 in

Dimension C

6.3 in

Dimension D

55.5 in

Dimension E

75.5 in

Dimension F

75.5 in

Dimension G

11 in

Dimension H

63 in

Dimension I

69 in

3" Vent Pipe

One 90º Elbows for Maximum 3" Vent Pipe

45 ft

Two 90º Elbows for Maximum 3" Vent Pipe

40 ft

Three 90º Elbows for Maximum 3" Vent Pipe

35 ft

Four 90º Elbows for Maximum 3" Vent Pipe

30 ft

4" Vent Pipe

One 90º Elbows for Maximum 4" Vent Pipe

115 ft

Two 90º Elbows for Maximum 4" Vent Pipe

110 ft

Three 90º Elbows for Maximum 4" Vent Pipe

105 ft

Four 90º Elbows for Maximum 4" Vent Pipe

100 ft

Five 90º Elbows for Maximum 4" Vent Pipe

95 ft

Six 90º Elbows for Maximum 4" Vent Pipe

90 ft

General Information
Installation Considerations
  1. Condensate Drain - This is a fully condensing water heater and should be located near a drain to permit proper disposal of condensate.
  2. Vent Termination - Exhaust gases of this water heater are less than 140 ºF. In cold climates, water vapor in flue gases will condense into a cloud of vapor where the vent exits the building. This vapor can gradually discolor exterior building surfaces. Vent termination should be located where this vapor cloud and potential discoloration are not a concern. Extending the vent termination up to 6" from the wall helps vapor from being trapped along a building's face. To avoid this problem, the vent can be terminated on the roof. Always locate vent termination above the maximum snowline, and do not locate vent termination above a walkway.
  3. Air Intake - In cold climates, air intake should be located at least four feet from the vent termination of the water heater and any other appliance vents that discharge moisture-laden air (such as clothes dryers). This will help prevent freeze-over of the intake screen required to prevent foreign objects from entering the intake pipe. Air intake should be located above the maximum snowline.
  4. Blockage Sensors - The water heater is equipped with sensors to shut it down if blockage of vent or air intake occurs. The water heater control system will display detailed diagnostic information on the LCD screen to help service technicians quickly locate and correct the problem.
  5. Noise - Vent terminal should be located away from bedroom windows or other areas where blower noise will be objectionable. Avoid venting into corners or confined areas, which will amplify sound. Anchoring intake or vent pipe walls or ceilings can cause noise to be transmitted to living areas, and isolation mounts should be used where anchoring is required.
  6. Optional Concentric Vent Kit - Helps to minimize unsightly wall/roof penetrations.
    SUF 60 120NE - SUF 130 300NEA vent kit p/n 9006328005
    SUF 130-400-500 NEA vent kit p/n 9006144005

Down-Fired Low NOx Power Burner Design
  • Top-mounted radial burner design ensures optimum combustion efficiency.
Fully Submerged, Spiral-Shaped Condensing Heat Exchanger
  • Spiral shaped heat exchanger coils keeps hot flue gases swirling through the heat exchanger maximizing heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Spiral shaped heat exchanger reduces the accumulation of lime scale; maintains higher efficiency performance over time.
Standard Power Vent or Power Direct Vent Flexibility
  • Vertical or sidewall power-venting.
  • Vertical or sidewall powered-direct vent draws all combustion air from outside the building.
  • Vents using inexpensive PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe. Canadian installations require ULC S636 listed PVC or CPVC pipe for intake and exhaust.
  • Air intake and vent runs can be up to 120 equivalent feet.
Space-Saving Design, with Zero Clearance to Combustibles
  • Approved for installation on combustible flooring.
All Controls Including Gas Valve and Combustion Air Blower Located on Top
  • Provides easy access during installation and service.
  • Protects against high water damage.
  • Protected from dirt and incidental damage.
Advanced Electronic Control System
  • Microprocessor controls all water heater functions including ignition and temperature regulation.
  • Precise temperature control adjustable from 90 ºF to 180 ºF.
  • Large LCD display provides detailed operational and diagnostic information in plain English for ease of operation and service.
  • Ultra Force water heaters are iCOMM™ compatible and can be monitored from remote locations. Call 1.888.WATER02 for more information.
Powered Anodes (Standard on All Models).
  • Provide long-lasting tank protection.
  • Non sacrificial anodes never need replacing unless damaged.

Other Features
Commercial Grade Glasslined Tank & Heat Exchanger for Long-Term Protection Against Corrosion
  • Heat exchanger glasslined on both water and vent sides to protect against corrosive flue gases and condensate inside the coil
Handhole Cleanout
  • For easy inspection and cleaning
  • Meets the Thermal Efficiency and Standby Loss Requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and Current Edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1
  • Complies with SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 and other air quality management districts with similar requirements for NOx emissions
  • The 120-250K BTU models are design-certified by CSA® International, according to ANSI Z21.10.3 - CSA® 4.3 Standards governing storage-type water heaters
  • The 300-500K BTU models are design-certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL), Inc., according to ANSI Z21.10.3-4.3 CSA® Standards governing storage-type water heaters
  • Design-certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL), Inc., to NSF Standard 5

Testing and Certifications
ASME Construction
  • Optional on all models
Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure: 160 psi

CSA® Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve

All models are ENERGY STAR® Qualified

  • 3-Year Limited Tank Warranty.

Recovery capacities are based on heater performance at 95% and 96% thermal efficiency.

Maximum gas supply pressure: 10.5" W.C. natural gas 14" W.C. propane.

Electrical requirements: 120/60 Hz VAC, Blower 2.2 Amps FL, Igniter 4.0 Amps.

Minimum clearance to remove top cover. Additional clearances recommended in case service is needed.

Maximum number of 90º elbows allowed for the vent (exhaust) pipe is four (4) when installing 3 inch pipe and six (6) when installing 4 inch pipe. Maximum number of 90º elbows allowed for intake air pipe is four (4) when installing 3 inch pipe and six (6) when installing 4 inch pipe. Two (2) 45º elbows equal one (1) 90º elbow.

Center line of water outlet on top of the water heaters is approximately 7 inches from the front edge of the water heater.


·  Installation Clearances

·  Standards for Ultra Force™ Up to 96% Efficient Commercial Gas Water Heaters (SUF 60 120NE (A) - SUF 100 250NE (A) Models)

·  Ultra Force™ Up to 96% Efficient Commercial Gas Water Heaters (SUF 199 & 250 Models)


Brochure for Ultra Force™ Up to 96% Efficient Commercial Gas Water Heaters
(PDF, 538KB)