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All Categories > Commercial Water Heaters > NON NOx Commercial Water Heaters > State® NON NOx Commercial Water Heaters > Sandblaster® SBN Low NOx Commercial Gas Water Heaters > Item # SBN85 366NE  

Item # SBN85 366NE, Sandblaster® SBN Low NOx Commercial Gas Water Heaters

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StateWater Heaters' Sandblaster is the original Self Cleaning commercial gas water heater, with a proven design that automatically reduces sediment buildup, the number one threat to any water heater’s life expectancy and energy efficiency.

The new computer designed Hydro Cannon self cleaning device injects cold water into the tank under pressure and then uses a venturi action to create self cleaning turbulence. Self Cleaning action keeps sediment in suspension, and keeps it moving, so it does not get a chance to settle down. Sediment that would otherwise build up in the tank is harmlessly carried out when hot water is drawn. With reduced sediment buildup, Sandblaster commercial water heaters retain their rated efficiency longer, last longer, and help keep water heating costs down!

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

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85 gal

Input Power

366000 BTU/hr

First Hour Delivery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

415 gal

Approximate Shipping Weight

830 lb







Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure

160 psi

Industry Standards

ASME Certified
CSA® Certified

Green Choice



UL® Listed

Maximum Recovery

Recovery at 40 ºF Temperature Rise

878 gal/h

Recovery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

351 gal/h

Recovery at 140 ºF Temperature Rise

136 gal/h



Dimension A

72 in

Dimension B

4-1/2 in

Dimension C

72 in

Dimension D

62-1/2 in

Dimension E

22-1/2 in

Dimension F

21 in

Dimension G

1 in

Dimension H

63 in

Dimension I

6 in

Dimension J

27-3/4 in

Water Connection

Top Inlet Water Connection

1-1/2 in

Front Inlet Water Connection

1-1/2 in

Rear Inlet Water Connection

1-1/2 in

Top Outlet Water Connection

1-1/2 in

Front Outlet Water Connection

1-1/2 in

Rear Outlet Water Connection

1-1/2 in

  • 80% Thermal Efficiency.
  • Front, Top or Rear Water Connections.
  • Hydro Cannon Self Cleaning Device.
  • Low NOx - Complies with Texas requirements for low NOx emissions.
  • ASME Construction available on 200,000 thru 500,000 Btu sizes.
  • Induced Draft Built-In Blower - Blower is built into the top cover, factory mounted and wired. No draft hood or barometric damper required.
  • Hydro Cannon Self-Cleaning Feature - Computer designed device automatically reduces harmful sediment buildup inside the tank. Sandblaster® SBN™ stays energy-efficient, so it saves money throughout its life.
  • Foam insulation - Reduces heat loss over 2-1/2 times more effectively than standard fiberglass.
  • Tank Inspection Port for easy access to tank interior on all models.
  • Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure: 160 psi.
  • Three Water Connection Options - Inlet and outlet connections are located on the top, front and rear offering installation flexibility (Hydro Cannon device on front connection only).

  • Leg Kit for UL Sanitation to Meet NSF 5 - Kit #9003425205
  • Manifold Kits for Multiple Gas Heater Installations:
    • Dual Manifold Kit #9003426205
    • Triple Manifold Kit #3003427205
    • Quad Manifold Kit #3003428205

General Information
  • Anodes - Long lasting stainless steel core anodes.
  • On/Off Power Switch - Eliminates the need to wire a separate electrical connection box.
  • Intermittent Ignition Device - Eliminates standing pilot and provides flame failure response in less than one second.
  • Glasslined Tank - Glass is applied after the complete tank has been assembled to give a seamless barrier against corrosion by hot water.
  • Fully Tested for Safety and Performance - Design certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory for 180 ºF hot water service. Meets rigid requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation when equipped with optional leg kit. Certified for use on combustible flooring. Meets the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of energy and current edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

Testing and Certifications
  • CSA® Certified and ASME Rate T&P Relief valve
  • Factory-installed Energy Cut-Off ("ECO") safety switch

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Optional 5-Year Limited Tank Warranty.


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Brochure for Sandblaster® SBN Low NOx Commercial Gas Water Heaters
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