• Commercial Gas Non-Dampered Water Heaters

    Commercial gas non-dampered water heaters have a Fused Ceramic Shield. Lining is made by fusing ceramic to the tanks interior surface at 1600 ºF. This forms a corrosion resistant barrier, ensuring maximum protection against the wearing effects of high-volume and high temperature water.

  • PowerFlex® Commercial Gas Water Heaters

    The PowerFlex® commercial gas water heater has a factory mounted and wired blower that allows exhaust venting of up to 40' with 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe and 3 long sweep 90º elbows.

  • Ultra-Low NOx Commercial Gas Water Heaters

    The BCN3-100T75 is an Ultra-Low NOx atmospheric vent commercial gas water heater which meets the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and Current Edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.