The Cyclone® HE is a light-duty, power vent, fully condensing commercial gas water heater with an internal helical heat exchanger, similar to the design of A. O. Smith's industry-leading Cyclone® models. This helical heat exchanger helps Cyclone® HE achieve 90% thermal efficiency and deliver outstanding hot water output.
Unit of Measure



N/A A. O. Smith®

Input Power

N/A 76000 BTU/hr

Approximate Capacity

N/A 50 U.S. gal189 L


N/A Natural Gas

Shipping Weight

N/A 210 lb95.3 kg

Equipment Grade

N/A Commercial

Manifold Pressure

N/A 4 inWc0.99 kPa

Top/Side Inlet (NPT)

N/A 3/4 in

Top/Side Outlet (NPT)

N/A 3/4 in

Gas Inlet (NPT)

N/A 1/2 in

Minimum Supply Pressure

N/A 5 inWc1.24 kPa

Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure

N/A 150 psi

Industry Standards

N/A ANSI Z-21.10.3 - CSA 4.3 ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 ASME Certified CSA® Certified UL® Listed

Maximum Recovery (ºF)

Recovery at 40 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 206 gal/h

Recovery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 83 gal/h

Recovery at 140 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 59 gal/h

Maximum Recovery (ºC)

Recovery at 22 ºC Temperature Rise

N/A 780 L/h

Recovery at 56 ºC Temperature Rise

N/A 314 L/h

Recovery at 78 ºC Temperature Rise

N/A 223 L/h



Schematic Drawing for Cyclone® HE Commercial Gas Water Heaters

Dimension A

N/A 70.62 in179.37 cm

Dimension B

N/A 68.20 in173.23 cm

Dimension C

N/A 51.90 in131.83 cm

Dimension D

N/A 20.90 in53.09 cm

Dimension E

N/A 9.15 in23.24 cm

Dimension F

N/A 12 in30.48 cm

Dimension G

N/A 22 in55.88 cm

Dimension H

N/A 8 in20.32 cm

Dimension J

N/A 15.81 in40.16 cm

Dimension K

N/A 26.92 in68.38 cm

Electrical Characteristics


N/A 120 V


N/A 60 Hz


N/A <5 A



N/A Helical Internal Heat Exchanger
  • Completely surrounded by water in tank, provides much greater heat transfer surface than standard straight flue tube.
  • Operates at 90% thermal efficiency, which saves money on operating costs, increases hot water output compared to standard efficiency water heaters.
  • Minimizes standby losses by trapping heat in the tank.
  • Spiral heat exchanger reduces scale and sediment from forming on water-side surface, which can reduce energy efficiency over time.
Versatile Power Vent Design
  • Vents using inexpensive PVC, CPVC or ABS pipe. Canadian installations require ULC S636 listed PVC or CPVC pipe for venting.
  • 2" pipe, vents up to 20 equivalent feet.
  • 3" pipe, vents up to 60 equivalent feet.
  • 4" pipe, vents up to 120 equivalent feet.
Modular Blower
  • Equipped with 120 volt, 60 Hz electrical system (rating 5 amps or less), 6-foot cord with standard 3-prong connector.
  • 2" PVC pipe, elbows and condensate drain supplied to connect heat exchanger outlet to blower.
  • PVC Vent Attenuation Assembly (VAA) supplied for applications where extra-quiet operating environment is essential.
High Output With Small Footprint
  • 22" diameter, combined with 90% efficiency, 50-gallon tank and 76,000 BTU input means Cyclone® HE can be installed in less space than a larger 75-gallon unit, with equal or better performance.
  • Total height is 70-5/8" to top of unit.
Side-Mounted Hot and Cold Recirculating Taps
  • Allows Cyclone® HE to be installed as part of combination space heating/water heating applications, or any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop.
  • Plugs for the recirculating taps are factory installed.
Intelli-Vent™ (Intelli-Vent™ is a registered trademark of Emerson Electric Company) Gas Control
  • Equipped with long lasting silicon nitride hot surface igniter - no standing pilot.
  • Advanced electronics for more precise control of water temperature and easy-to-understand system diagnostics.
  • 180 ºF maximum temperature setting.
Permaglas® Ultra Coat™ Glass Lining
  • A.O. Smith® exclusive process provides superior protection against corrosion.
  • Protects all interior tank surfaces including inside and outside of helical heat exchanger.
Two Heavy-Duty Anode Rods
  • Provides advanced protection against corrosion.
Green Choice® Gas Burner
  • Patented "Eco-Friendly" design reduces NOx emissions and meets less than 40 ng/j requirements for low NOx.

Testing and Certifications

Testing and Certifications

N/A CSA® Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve

Codes and Standards
  • Design-certified by Underwriters' Laboratories according to ANSI Z21.10.3 - 4.3 CSA® standards governing storage-type water heaters
  • Meets the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and Current Edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1
  • Approved for Canada



  • 3-Year Limited Tank Warranty.



N/A All models - Maximum Supply Pressure: 14 inches W.C. (3.48 kPa).

Minimum Pressure must be maintained under both load and no load (static and dynamic) conditions.

Approved for installation up to 5300 ft. High alt models available.

Install in accordance with local codes.