Medium duty gas commercial water heaters feature a compact design for greater installation flexibility in tight retrofit applications.
Unit of Measure



N/A Rheem®

Maximum Working Pressure

N/A 150 psi

Input Power

N/A 65000 BTU/hr


N/A Liquid Propane Gas


N/A 75 U.S. gal

Minimum to Recovery Contents

N/A 75

Approximate Shipping Weight

N/A 320 lb

Water Connection

N/A 1 in. NPT

Tank Material

N/A Steel


N/A Porcelain Enamel

Equipment Grade

N/A Commercial

Industry Standards

N/A AHRI Certified® ANSI Standards Z-21.10.3 ANSI Z-21.10.1 ASHRAE Standards ASME Certified CSA® Certified

Maximum Recovery (ºF)

Recovery at 40 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 150 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 50 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 120 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 60 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 100 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 70 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 86 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 80 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 75 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 90 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 67 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 60 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 110 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 54 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 120 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 50 U.S. gal/h

Recovery at 130 ºF Temperature Rise

N/A 46 U.S. gal/h

Maximum Delivery

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (5 Minutes)

N/A 56 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (10 Minutes)

N/A 63 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (15 Minutes)

N/A 68 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (20 Minutes)

N/A 73 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (30 Minutes)

N/A 82 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (45 Minutes)

N/A 97 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (60 Minutes)

N/A 112 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (120 Minutes)

N/A 172 U.S. gal

Maximum Delivery at 100 ºF (180 Minutes)

N/A 232 U.S. gal



Schematic for Medium Duty Gas Commercial Water Heaters

Dimension A

N/A 64 in

Dimension B

N/A 60 in

Dimension C

N/A 26-1/4 in

Dimension D

N/A 13-1/4 in

Dimension E

N/A 4 in

Dimension F

N/A 11 in

Dimension G

N/A 53-1/4 in

Clearances to Combustibles

Side Clearance to Combustibles

N/A 1 in

Front Clearance to Combustibles

N/A 3 in

Top Clearance to Combustibles

N/A 2 in

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A The tighter the commercial retrofit, the more you will appreciate how this water heater's compact size simplifies installations. Choose from 80% Thermal Efficiency models that range from 45,000 to 80,000 Btu/h and have a maximum temperature setting of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Space Saver Design
Short heights and narrow jacket diameters offer the ultimate in installation flexibility.

Patented Technology
Proprietary steel formulation with a unique coat of high temperature porcelain enamel to maximize corrosion resistance resulting in a superior tank design.

Patented Anode Rods
Magnesium anode rods are used to ensure corrosion resistance for a long tank life.

Rigid foam insulation provides superior insulating qualities, improves efficiency and reduces operating costs. Our patented process of injecting foam into the insulating cavity adds additional durability.

Automatic Controls
Control system is designed to shut off gas if the pilot flame is extinguished. Relighting is a safe, easy procedure. Thermostat settings to 160 ºF. A built-in gas pressure regulator assures even gas flow.

Full Port, Full Flow Brass Drain Valve
Factory installed brass drain valve allows for faster draining and servicing.

Testing and Certifications

Testing and Certifications

N/A CSA®/ASME Rated T&P Valve
Factory installed relief valve

General Information

General Information

N/A Efficiency
These models have been tested according to DOE test procedures, and meet or exceed the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of current ASHRAE standards (Part of the Federally mandated Energy Policy Act (EPact)). Also exceeds energy efficiency codes of all states including California Energy Commission (CEC).

Safety and Construction
These products are design certified by CSA Laboratories:
  • For operation at 160 ºF.
  • To meet all safety and construction requirements of ANSI Z-21.10.1/ANSI Z-21.10.3.
  • As an automatic storage water heater.
  • For operation of combustible floors and alcove installations.
  • For combination water heating and space heating applications.
All models are North Carolina and Massachusetts Code compliant.
Certified for 150 PSI maximum working pressure.



  • 3-Year Limited Tank Warranty.



N/A FVIR Compliant.
Side taps.

Recovery rating is based on recovery efficiencies obtained in a CSA certified laboratory.