The A.O. Smith® BTPD models feature all stainless steel tank construction and are designed for heating deionized water. The tank and other wetted components are suitable for deionized water.

These units are designed for industrial and process water applications and are not recommend normal potable water heating applications. For potable water heating applications A.O. Smith® designs and builds a long list of other models to choose from. This is a process water heater producing non-potable water, and therefore does not need to meet current edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 or C.E.C. energy guidelines.
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Storage Capacity

Input Rating

Recovery at 80 ºF Temperature Rise

Recovery at 100 ºF Temperature Rise

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BTPD-85-140 N/A 85 U.S. gal N/A 140000 BTU/hr N/A 168 gal/h N/A 134 gal/h Request Quote
BTPD-85-199 N/A 85 U.S. gal N/A 199000 BTU/hr N/A 239 gal/h N/A 191 gal/h Request Quote
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